As a kid, you most likely built a house out of toy blocks. Then you’re aware that having a sturdy foundation is critical. Otherwise, whatever you build on top may come tumbling down.
Foundation is one of the most essential parts of a structure, whether it employs piles or rafts. The sort of foundations you’ll require will vary depending on whether you’re building a big structure or renovating an existing home by adding an extension.
Taller buildings require deeper foundations, as a general rule. If you’re developing a high-rise, you’ll need extremely hefty, deep foundations, that is pile foundations. However, if your structure covers more ground area and is lower in height, you may use a shallower raft foundation.
In this blog article, we’ll look at other distinctions between these two foundation types.

#1 Pile Foundations

To support extremely heavy structures, pile foundations must be driven deep into the ground. They’re excellent for applications in regions where the soil or ground is fragile, and the burden of the structure must be transferred to more stable soil deeper below the surface.
Piles are driven into the ground or placed in position, which necessitates the removal of soil. The top of a pile cap can then be used to link together sets of piles and distribute the building weight more effectively onto them.
There are various sorts of piles, including:

Mini Piles

We can use micro piling in areas where construction is restricted or limited. They are less intrusive and make less noise than conventional piling.

End Bearing Piles

The bottom end of the pile rests on a layer of rock or solid earth to transfer the building weight to a strong subsoil layer.

Friction Piles

With the entire length of the pile, these piles transfer the building weight to the surrounding soil.

Helical Piles

These are driven into the ground using spiral blades, which are like screws.
Pile foundations are a difficult foundation type that should be handled by experienced piling specialists. Due to that, they are typically more costly than other foundation types.

#2 Raft Foundations

Raft foundations are simply concrete slabs that rest on, or just below, the ground to provide a solid base. They usually cover the entire footprint of a structure and distribute the weight placed on them.
Raft foundations are most frequently utilized for single- and two-story houses and areas with a basement requirement, therefore they’re often found in domestic settings. They are simple to make and inexpensive, although they may be susceptible to erosion at the edges. They’re not typically utilized in circumstances where significant reinforcement is required in specific locations.


The best approach to determine the sort of foundations required is to consult with a professional groundworks specialist. They can indicate whether pile or raft foundations would be more suitable for your building based on the soil and size of the construction.
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