Mini piling is a more appropriate type of piling for construction projects that don’t offer you much space inside the building or job site. Projects like ground engineering have difficult accessibility, especially if you try to move heavy machinery or equipment to the site. Mini piling creates the necessary foundation to sustain these activities.

Anytime your work environment has restrictive access, then mini piling is appropriate. Sometimes you can use mini piling instead of standard footings if you’re building a factory or house on a less than perfect ground. If you have a structure that is already built, such as retaining walls or bridges, then mini piling is useful for them too.

Let’s go over the top 10 benefits of mini piling:

1) The installation is fast if the ground conditions are right.

2) Mini piling does a good job under compression and stress.

3) Builders can work well in tight spaces, especially in homes where an extension is being constructed.

4) Nearby structures may experience small disturbances while the mini piling is being installed.

5) It is affordable to install the mini piling if the ground conditions are right. Heavy loads are okay too.

6) It is not difficult to install the mini piling at a greater depth into the ground.

7) Great for working in areas with restricted access and low headroom.

8) Mini piling can be integrated into the structure of a current foundation system.

9) If you’re working close to other buildings or you wish to protect the environment, then mini piling is the solution.

10) You don’t need as much steel and concrete materials, which is another way to be environmentally friendly with mini piling.

The Different Types of Mini Piling London Installations

There is more than one type of mini piling London installation method that may be used for a construction site. It is all dependent on the nature of the project and the conditions of the construction site. Let’s explore those methods now.

1) Sectional Flight Auger Piling

Job sites with restrictive access or low headroom would be suitable for the sectional flight auger piling method. It uses a continuous flight auger with a hollow stem and sectional lengths. As long as the conditions of the ground have no obstructions, then you can use this method.

2) Augered Piling

When you’re working with cohesive soils or unstable ground conditions, then augered piling is best. As the segmental augers rotate through the soil in the ground, the soil comes to the surface. For unstable ground conditions, you should install temporary casings to assist the bore. After you have found a suitable length for the pile, you can proceed to position the steel reinforcement. You can use either grout or concrete to pour into the pile bore.

3) Mini Bottom-Driven Piling

A steel tube, with thin walls and a closed-end, is forced up to 6 meters into the ground with an internal drop hammer. The ground conditions may vary, so there is no strict requirement on that. A fillet weld is used to join the steel tubes together. This process continues until the desired depth is set for the pile. Then you fill the tube with grout or high slump concrete. Lastly, a cage or bar is placed into it.

Our Rigs and Equipment

Our company has an entire fleet of rigs that are designed for mini piling installations and projects. Since it is mini piling, these are much smaller rigs than the driven precast piling rigs. But it is necessary to have smaller rigs when accessing sites with limited or restricted spaces. They give you more flexibility to move around and do the job right.

There are lots of areas in construction sites where big machines cannot go, such as low headroom environments and interior elevator shafts. We use a special drill to reach these areas instead. Our baby rig is suitable for all ground engineering projects, especially railway projects that have restricted spaces. It can even fit through a door that is just over 3 feet in width.

Geotechnical consultants perform our mini piling services. They allow us to ensure all the work that we do. When you contact us to inquire about our services, we’ll provide you with a price quote that is affordable and competitive. You can contact us at XXX-XXXX to get started.