Do you have any idea what the pros and cons of piling and pile foundations are? In this blog, we’ll go through all the aspects of pile foundations to help you decide how to proceed with your next project.
Piling started in ancient times when early civilizations drove wooden logs into the ground to create a sturdy base for their structures. As the demand for housing has increased and the supply of suitable land to develop on lessened, piling has never been more necessary. Pile foundations have always been regarded as a dependable method to lay a solid foundation.
If you were wondering, pile foundations are long poles made of wood, concrete, or steel that are driven into the earth to bear the weight of buildings. The earth surrounding the foundation pile grows dense. The piles are supported by the soil displacement that occurred in the area where the foundation now sits. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation.
Depending on the quality of the soil where you want to put up your structure, as well as a variety of other factors, piling methods vary. Soil that is saturated, cohesive, or silty is difficult to establish a foundation on. Because the displaced dirt particles are less dense, the weight that the foundation can support is significantly reduced. That’s why to create a solid groundwork, we only use the highest quality materials at KHB Piling London.
Though there are many advantages to utilizing piled foundations, there are also a few things to consider before deciding on the best foundation for your project. Let’s have a lot at these two aspects.

The Benefits of Piling

As an experienced pile contractor, KHB Piling understands the importance of pile foundations. Piling has a lot of advantages that other foundation techniques can’t match.

Piles can carry a lot of weight

Piling is ideal for supporting incredibly massive concrete structures. The majority of piles are designed to meet specific requirements and will always be handled by experts, ensuring a sturdy base for heavy construction.

Pile foundations transform poor soil

Pile foundations may be used to support a structure on unstable soil that would not otherwise be able to support the weight.

Piles are both efficient and aesthetically appealing.

Pile foundations are driven into the ground, giving them a neat appearance and avoiding unsightly after-building remains.

Piles can be put in almost any location.

The piles can be placed in locations where you won’t normally be able to drill holes.

The Drawbacks of Piling

Piling isn’t the only way to create a foundation. There are some soil and ground types for which piling is ineffective. The following are examples of things to anticipate and plan for if you want pile foundations.

During installation, piles may be damaged.

When being driven or screwed into the ground below, piles can be readily damaged. This issue is frequently caused by poor or unexpected soil circumstances.

Piling requires a lot of preparation.

Preparation is critical when it comes to putting up piles, as is expert installation. To install the piles, we also need heavy equipment, which necessitates a significant amount of planning.

Pile foundation may cost more

Pile foundations may be difficult to estimate when it comes to length. As a result, getting your piles precisely fit can be pricey at times.

Some soils are not suitable for piles.

Piles are not intended for soils with poor drainage. If the soil is too wet, the heave of the dirt may cause an already driven pile to spring up.


With any construction project, you want to make sure the structure is sturdy and durable for years to come. The best foundation for you is the one that will provide you with the greatest stability and longevity.
Every project will require a unique type of foundation, and we want to assist you to select the best one. Piling is ideal for areas with thin soil that would otherwise be unbuildable. Other foundations may or may not be suitable for other construction projects, depending on the situation.
KHB Piling is an expert UK Piling and Foundation contractor, that offers piling, underpinning, and foundation services in and around London. Whether you’re working on a home, business, or commercial project, our foundation experts will assess the ground and recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.
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