Let’s begin by explaining the term:
Mini piling is the use of a smaller diameter in piling. These piles are light and inexpensive, yet they can still bear huge weights. For the most frequent type of mini piling, a hollow steel shaft is inserted or driven into the ground.
Mini piling enables you to work smarter and faster to meet your project’s standards when restricted access delays work due to complex restrictions, or the soil you are working on is difficult. In this post, we cover the five most significant reasons why a mini piling technique can assist you in completing your ground engineering project.

#1 Extend into Outbound Areas

Installing a mini piling system allows housebuilders to add extensions to their properties in restricted places that otherwise would have been impossible.

#2 Work in Unfavourable Ground Conditions

Mini Piles are used to establish footings for new construction properties and businesses when ground conditions become poor.
Larger rigs or traditional piling methods may not always be the most practical or ideal answer when working in a location with poor ground conditions.
Because bigger equipment might not be always the most suitable for challenging ground or site conditions, an operator may want to consider utilizing a mini piling rig and tiny piles rather than larger machines.

#3 Access Restricted Zones

Obstacle #1: Limited space or restricted access to the property can be an issue, especially when a construction vehicle’s physical size, weight, and height prevent from gaining access, including the delivery of major equipment and supplies. Using a mini piling rig helps you to work within really tight limitations.
Mini-piling is a wonderful alternative for built-up regions since using the foundation technique does not cause disturbance to the surrounding structures.

#4 Use it to Strengthen Structures

Piles can also be installed in small numbers to reinforce existing structures, such as bridges, retaining walls, and floor slabs. Mini piling is ideal for projects with limited access and when flooding tides are exceptionally high.

#5 Be More Environmentally Friendly

Because Mini Piles use less concrete and steel than other pile types, their carbon footprint is naturally lower, not to mention the quieter, more vibration-free installation and no noise or interference with adjacent structures during installation.
As reported by Google Insights, the need for sustainable solutions is becoming more essential in construction projects all over the world.
Here at KHB Piling, we are committed to preventing environmental damage. We understand the consequences of our actions on the global environment and are dedicated to ensuring that all operations have the least negative impact possible.


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