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Bored pile walls: everything you need to know

With a variety of piling techniques accessible, such as CFA or mini piling, it might be difficult to tell them apart. If you’re performing any sort of groundwork, talk to a professional piling contractor about your choices first. The method will be determined by the soil conditions and space available, and it will differ depending on the type of groundwork construction you’re doing. We’ll look at bored pile walls in this post, including what they are and the many types of bored pile wall systems available.

What is a bored pile wall, and how does it work?

Bored piling is a common technique. It transfers the weight to the surrounding soil or rock with enough bearing capacity to provide support for a building. The excavation of soil forms a void for a reinforced concrete pile, which is then in-situ poured. The CFA piling method is frequently used to do this. A wall built using this technique is known as a bored pile wall.
The bored pile wall systems include contiguous pile wall, secant pile wall – hard/soft or hard/firm, and secant pile wall – hard/hard. The sort of bored pile wall will be determined by a variety of factors such as the soil type in the area, building time, and cost. We’ll look at each bored pile wall method in further depth here.

Contiguous Piling

Retaining walls may be made by stacking rows of piles. This technique is utilized when building basements, cut-and-cover tunnels, or underpasses. When two or more piles are constructed so that they touch, they are known as contiguous piles, and they may be filled with grout to construct a watertight wall.

Secant Wall Piling

A wall may be made of interlocking bored piles, which is known as secant piling. There should be a gap between the pile ends when you’re using this method. This technique is a cost-effective and quick option for situations where short-term water retention is required.

  • hard/soft or hard/firm technique
    Primary piles are built of a ‘soft’ or ‘firm’ concrete mix, while secondary piles, which are composed of structural reinforced concrete, are erected between them with an interlock of around 150mm. A reinforced concrete lining wall may be required to strengthen this sort of wall.
  • hard/hard
    The technique for constructing high-strength concrete piles is similar to that above, but the primary piles are built in higher-strength concrete. They may also be reinforced. Secondary piles are cut using specialized cutting heads since they’re also formed of structural concrete. Because of the kind of hard concrete utilized, a lining wall is rarely required.

Benefits of bored pile walls

The pros of making a bored pile wall are numerous. They include:

  1. It is flexible concerning different sorts of wall layouts.
  2. It can be used for a wide range of wall thicknesses.
  3. It may be installed in complicated ground conditions.
  4. It takes up minimal area and requires little excavation.

A bored pile wall has a few disadvantages:

  1. It may be tough to completely waterproof the gap between the joints
  2. It can be more expensive than other techniques like sheet piling.

KHB Piling contractors worked on commercial, industrial, and private properties before, so we’re used to various piling techniques. Please call us at 07821836407 or submit a contact form to request a reply.

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Issues Of Pile Foundations At Waterfront Development Areas And Their Prevention

From research facilities to docking hubs to fisheries, the marine region has become a hotspot for industrial development. From small structures, we are slowly progressing to immense aqua worlds with huge research facilities and international docking sites that require large and strong foundations.

Pile foundations are required for a strong base to build your structure. Building them on land has its own complications but for waterfront development and marine structures, the issues multiply, and more clever techniques are required to overcome these mistakes. In this day and age, when marine development has become essential for industrial growth, extensive research and techniques are required to generate the best support for heavy structures.

Wave And Tide Conditions

Strong waves can hinder construction as well as affect the beams for the foundation. Continuous exposure to waves can weaken the foundations to the point of breaking which can lead to disastrous events. Moreover, the fluctuation between high and low tides can also impact the strength of the beams. It can cause corrosion of pile material which, on top of polluting aqua life, can weaken the structure foundation. Constant exposure to fluctuating waters can increase the chances of collapse.

Waterfront Development Areas Requiring Piling Foundations

One huge example can be the coastal region. This area has huge commercial value due to it being the main spot for ship docking and traveling through water. It also becomes the hot spot for trade between countries that fuel the economy. 

The huge prospect of large-scale fishing can be another massive reason why this coastal region has such huge commercial value because it constitutes the main diet in the southern region and is a major export product. Keeping all these factors in check, the need for expert ways of effective piling that would ensure strong foundations becomes a necessity.

Singapore, an island, is also a place with massive demand for piling techniques that can sustain constant exposure to fluctuating pressures of water.


Mini piling contractors in London have professional ways to counter these issues, devised from research conducted in waterfront development regions. Most effectively, coating systems and concrete covers are deployed to strengthen these pile foundations. Concrete covers strengthen the system while coating helps avoid corrosion of the material. Both are the essential and basic procedures to go through to install these mini piling foundations in the marine development regions to sustain adverse weathers and unexpected storms. 

Additional Costs

These developed and more advanced processes require additional costs but, research is being conducted to give more efficient and stronger beams to make huge structures that sustain in water bodies without too many additional costs for maintenance.

But as of now, the maintenance cost can be very high especially for larger structures and it is very frequent due to the large load and the continuous intrusion from waves and tides.

Piling Companies Near Me

KHB Piling is one such company that ensures quality construction over marine development areas to save you from the added hassle of construction and maintenance. 

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How to Find Professional Mini Piling Contractors

Mini piling is a technique in civil engineering that aims to contain debris (e.g., mud or sand) with a smaller-than-normal amount of concrete, well away from structural supports, as close as possible to the hazard it was designed to protect against. 

What is Mini Piling? 

The term “mini piling” refers specifically to a type of inclined pipe which is often used for controlling sediment run-off during construction. Mini piling is also often used on new water and sewer line runs along steep slopes where excavation cannot be done. It can also be used for temporary stabilization at other locations, such as highway embankments.

Finding the Best Mini Piling Service

When it comes to building your new construction project, you need to find the best Mini Piling contractors in London. However, without much experience or a lack of knowledge on the subject, it can be a difficult task. If you are also searching for “Mini piling near me”, here’s what you need to do:

  • Understand what Mini piling contractors are and what they do
  • Take some time to speak with contractors and visit their websites so that you have a good idea of who they are before making any decisions. 
  • Find out what their qualifications are and go with the one who has the most relevant training for your project.  The best way to go about this is to find out whether the contractor has the right insurance and licensing and how many years of experience they have.
  • A good company will have a range of services that they can provide and work on. Talk with them about their plans for your project, what they are going to do, and how long it will take before you can see any results.
  • Ask plenty of questions. It is always best to be prepared with the right questions for their services so that you get an accurate answer.
  • Be prepared for a little bit of a wait time; most contractors won’t start working on your project until they’ve had their legal status in place, depending on the nature of it. 
  • Stay in contact with them throughout the project. You can be a part of the building process by keeping in contact with your contractor and making sure that everything is going smoothly. 
  • Look into the construction codes to see what you need to do or have to provide before your Mini piling contractors start work on your project. 
  • Always get a written contract signed before they start working on your site. This can protect you from legal action if something goes wrong during project completion.  It’s also a good idea to ask for references so that you know someone else that has had experience with their services in the past.

Now that you’ve learned about Mini Piling contractors in London and what to look out for, your job of finding the best one is that much easier. You’ll be able to make a decision that is right for you and your needs, whether you need someone quickly or if you’re willing to wait a little while for the right company. Either way, if you look into this in detail and take the time to find the best Mini Piling contractors in London, then your investment will certainly pay off.

Get the Best Mini Piling Contractor 

KHB piling is known for their highest quality Mini piling London services in London. They are a CFA piling contractor offering reliable and affordable solutions. Reach out to them today to find out more. 

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A Complete Guide to Mini Piling

There are many ways to solidify the foundation of a building. One of which is the most diverse option; piling. There are many kinds of piling, but the most popular nowadays is mini piling. More significantly used for domestic projects.

What Is Piling?

If you are constructing huge buildings or adding a basement, you may have heard of the piling technique. It’s also used for countering problems like underpinning an already built structure.

Ways of Piling

There are two ways to insert piles:

  • Boring: In this method, you make a hole in the ground and then pour the concrete into it.
  • Driving: In this method, contrary to boring, the soil is not removed but instead moved.

An intro to Mini Piling

A form of piling is called mini piling. It is a relatively new and popular concept employing a mini pile with a narrow diameter. Although this makes it cheap and reasonably light. At the same time, it can lift a significant weight.

Ways of Mini Piling

There are many ways to use mini piles. We’ll be discussing the common two:-

  • This method uses a hollow steel tube inserted with the help of a drill or screwed into the earth. Afterward, we pour concrete into it; this makes a pile. The difference between boring mentioned previously and this method is that the steel tube helps support the building, and no additional support is necessary.
  • Another way to employ mini piling is when you are tight on headroom. In that case, we use a sectional auger mini pile. This method is required to add several flight sections up. Then, later on, if the soil is stable enough, you can remove the sections there or, on the contrary case, leave them there.

Should you opt for mini piling contractors?

A question many people ask is whether mini piling is the way to go for them and what to look for in mini piling contractors. So the answer to this question is not black and white. Every piling technique is unique in its way and used for a specific purpose. So, hence choosing which option for mini piling is more efficient, is something that varies situation-to-situation. 

Nonetheless, mini piling has a plethora of benefits in a variety of cases. It is an excellent idea for small spaces where extensive equipment cannot fit. It is also remarkable for pre-existing buildings as it does not create a lot of noise or disturbance. Foundations of bridges and farms also use mini piling.

Reasons to prefer mini piling

There are many reasons to opt for mini piling, as stated above too. Let’s look at some significant advantages we will have if we opt for mini piling instead of traditional piling methods.

  1. Easy and quick application

One of the advantages of mini piling is its quick and easy installation. Since it has a narrow diameter and the equipment used for it is also considerably small, it’s a much faster method to install piles.

  1. Works fantastically against tension and compression

Two forces act on a pile, the tension that pushes it out of the ground and the compression from above as well. Mini piling works excellent with regard to both these aspects.

  1. Works in tight spaces

Mini piling can be highly beneficial if you are dealing with low headroom or tight spaces. In addition, in small areas where traditional equipment cannot fit, mini piling can aid and give the same support much more quickly than a conventional piling version would.

  1. A cheaper choice than traditional piling

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost that comes with mini piling. This cost is much cheaper than the traditional boring or driving piling as it uses smaller equipment. It is time and space-effective and makes it cost-effective too.

  1. Employed in restricted work conditions

In restricted work conditions such as low headroom or any other necessity, these can be a great solution and offer the same results.

  1. Works on existing buildings too

This method is efficient and feasible for existing buildings too. It can offer support to already built bridges and buildings. Another significant advantage of it is that it produces minimal sound and vibration, thus being very important in situations where construction sites cannot disrupt the work that is going on. In that scenario, it’s the best option

  1. Less use of substances

Did you know that mini piling uses less concrete and steel? Therefore, mini piling is very helpful in decreasing your costs. In addition, this helps lessen the carbon footprints the building would leave on the planet.

  1. Mini piling Works well on sensitive pieces of land as well.

Sometimes a building or construction is planned on soil that maybe isn’t very stable to hold the weight of the building. In that particular situation, mini piling can be extremely helpful and give the necessary support to make the construction site and the foundations of the structure solid and secure.

  1. It can go way deeper than traditional piling.

If you have to dig deep and employ piles at a much greater depth, the easiest method is using mini piling. Mini piling can go to greater depth with relatively more ease than a traditional piling method.

Techniques of mini piling

There are a plethora of techniques of mini piling, and we are listing some down today:-

  • Bottom driven steel cased
  • Top driven steel
  • Open hole auger
  • Sectional flight auger
  • Drill bar pile or “titan.”
  • Open hole drilling
  • Contiguous piled wall
  • In-situ ground beams
  • King post piled wall

All these techniques are employed where necessary and depending on the case. The details of which one is the right one in your case can be checked with any mini piling contractors. 

Mini piling contractors near me

If you are looking for professional mini piling contractors in London or even searching for mini piling near me, you should go to KHB Piling in the UK. Professional piling contractors offer you skilled workers for your task, guaranteed results, on-site visits to view progress, insurance, and even years of experience to make complex projects easy for them, and much more.

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How to Hire the Best Piling Contractors London?

Do you ever look at a site made on a far-flung location and wonder how people even go there? Don’t you imagine how hard it must be for the machinery to move there? You must also be amazed by the exceptional skills of the contractors and constructors who worked on those locations and built an aesthetically pleasing building that’s nothing else but a work of straight art. Designing the structure for such sites is undoubtedly tricky, but what’s more challenging is converting that design into a reality.

Why do you need mini piling London?

We are part of a world where millions of buildings are building everywhere every day; we are almost falling short of the land. Instead of expanding vertically, we are moving up horizontally. And that’s because we don’t have enough space left. Again, this is the very reason we are all set to move to the sights surrounded by water, uneven surroundings, and almost no access because we need a place! Do you have a site with difficult access or planning to build something like a resort or hotel in an edgy area? The idea is terrific! But is something stopping you from doing so? Is it that you are worried about getting access to it, transporting the machinery, or making the workers agree to work on it?

How to Find the Best Mini Piling contractors in London?

None of these should be your concern because it’s easier than ever before. You only need to sit back and watch all the work get done right before your eyes. You don’t need to move a single brick because mini piling contractors in London are there to help. These experts are so exceptional at what they do; you’ll be surprised once you start working with them. But how do you find the right mini piling London contractors? Well, here are a few quick, easy ways to hunt for the best ones.

Google Mini Piling Near Me

Isn’t the internet a blessing? Indeed it is. So, why don’t you search for “mini piling near me”? You’ll get tons of suggestions about the piling contractors in your area. You’ll also get all their contact numbers, emails, and addresses. So, either contact them through the given numbers or set an appointment with them and meet them in person. Emailing them for initial details is a better choice; if you find them suitable, stop by their office.

What else to look for in contractors?

Now that you’ve found someone who might be the perfect fit for the job, it’s time for you to move to the next step, which is negotiations and planning. You have to be straight and open about everything with the piling contractors. Discuss your location, plan, budget, timing, and everything else with them. Make sure to share every detail and not leave until your head is clear and your heart is satisfied. Ask them for previous work history and client testimonials as well in case you need more proof. Do not shy away from questioning because it’s your right; after all, you will pay them for all the piling work.

Hire the best piling contractors

Are you looking for the best, most experienced, skilled, and qualified piling contractors near you? We might have an excellent option for you! Head over to KHB Piling and tell them what you are looking for. They’ll provide the best mini piling services to you efficiently and effectively.

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Is Mini Piling London Actually Worth It?

No one makes a rash decision these days, and neither should you! Everything is so easily accessible, the entire information on anything is a single click away. Yes, we are talking about mini piling London and if it’s worth it. If you have a construction background or hold a degree in civil engineering, you’ll understand the importance of mini piling better. But if you are interested in construction or purchasing property, you need to be a little extra aware of various aspects of mini piling. Leaving a question for you here before you read further. What comes to your mind when you think of “mini piling near me” ? does it astound you, or do you think it is something unnecessary?

Why Mini Piling?

If this question wasn’t helpful, here is another one. How will you construct a building on land with limited access? Or how will you get the construction material to a site surrounded by water or with no road? Your mind can’t think of much, right? The only thing popping up in your mind might be building a road to it or hiring experts to save you from the headache together. So, let us just tell you accessing all these sites is possible with the help of mini piling London. You need to search for mini piling contractors in London so they can help you with underpinning and making your construction process more manageable.  

Potential Benefits of Hiring Mini Piling Contractors London

The main question is, “is mini piling London actually worth it?” well, it depends on if you are considering the budget or time and effort. We’ll highlight it from both perspectives for you so you can decide better for yourself.

  • Budget:

Mini piling is a budget-friendly option, even if you wish to feel otherwise. It cuts you the cost of so many things. For instance, you don’t have to pay the labor to transport your material, and neither do you need to hire transportation services for carrying stuff to the construction site. You need to reach out to mini piling contractors in London and ask them for piling services. They’ll get you in touch with an expert team who will evaluate your land, tell you the estimated cost, time, and everything. You don’t have to hire people for every task separately. They’ll do all the work for you, and their package includes everything! So, save your money and cut down the stress risk. 

  • Time and Effort:

Why invest so much time and energy in a thing you have no experience of? What are the experts for? They are there to help you save your time and energy because experts can do the best in little time. If you plan to do all the mini piling yourself, it will take you ages. You’ll struggle to find the right people and redoing things because of minor faults. So, the mini piling contractors will do everything for you much quickly and smoothly. It’s definitely an investment worth everything!

Hire KHB Piling

Are you looking for a reliable mini piling company to help you with the underpinning of your site? Reach out to KHB-Piling. Their contractors have the most knowledgeable and skilled team you can ever find!

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What is Piling, and how is it Beneficial?

There are many instances during construction works that workers find themselves in challenging positions. There may be minimal space or restricted access to the location on which they have to perform work. In such cases, delivering materials and transporting vehicles to the construction site becomes very difficult. 

The majority of people choose to opt for mini piling in London while working on sites with restricted access to make it a lot more convenient. Construction sites with low headroom are also ideal for using mini piling instead of traditional footings that do not provide much ease and comfort.

What are the Benefits of Mini Piling?

People often wonder what mini piling benefits are and how they can prove beneficial to construction workers. Following are some of the advantages that mini piling comes, proving that it is a good investment.

  • Strengthens buildings

Mini piling can serve as an alternative to traditional underpinnings while strengthening building structures such as bridges and retaining walls. Mini piling contractors in London are specialized contractors with expert knowledge about mini piling.

  • Reduces Carbon Foot

All piling systems require a lot of cement and concrete, which is extremely hazardous to the environment. These materials increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment, hazardous to all living species. Mini piling is not harmful to the environment as it uses lesser amounts of cement and concrete.

  • Easy and Cheap Installation

Mini piling systems are easy to install and also not very expensive. The best thing about these systems is that they produce very little disturbance or vibrations in the nearby buildings and structures. This lack of disturbance is the number one reason that people living in residential areas search for mini piling near me while looking for piling contractors.

  • Ease for the Builders

Mini piling London provides ease to the builders by making it convenient for them to work in confined or tight spaces. Builders can also incorporate them into already-formed building structures, which is an even better way to go about the construction process.

  • Additional Benefits

Mini Piling London comes with many additional benefits like a high endurance for tension and compression, making it a suitable material to work with within a lot of conditions. It is also the best option when many buildings are present in clusters or have environmental sensitivity. 

Hire the Best Mini Piling Constructors Now

If you are a constructor or have hired builders to construct your home and faced numerous problems because of its low headroom or restricted space, worry not! KHP Piling has the best mini piling contractors in London with over 25 years of experience. Not only does KHP piling contractors have an excellent reputation, but they are also simply the best at what they do! 

So, if you are looking for a “mini piling near me” that not only helps you install mini piling but also supervises the whole process, we are your desired company. Our team of professionals will not give you a chance to complain!

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