Before a residential home or commercial building is constructed, contractors need to lay down a foundation for the structure first. You cannot just build a structure directly on top of dirt, sand, or any other type of soil on the ground. If you do, the weight of the structure will be too much for the smooth surface to handle. It will also cause the structure to be unstable, which increases the chances of it collapsing to the ground. There needs to be a solid surface underneath the structure to support all its weight. That is the only way to create this kind of stability, whether you’re building a two-story home or an 800-meter tall skyscraper.

There are different types of materials that may be used for foundation, such as concrete, masonry, and wood. The material chosen depends on the size of the structure and the type of soil on the ground. In a city like London with a lot of tall buildings, pile foundations are used more than anything else. Foundation piling in London is necessary because it is the only type of foundation that goes deep enough into the ground to support bigger and taller buildings. Pile foundations consist of long columns that get stuck deep into the ground where the building is going to go. The older columns were previously made from timber but now, most new columns contain either reinforced concrete or steel.

There is no shortage of piling contractors in London. Before you begin constructing your building in the city, you will need to research the best piling companies in London that you can find. A simple Google search for “piling London” or “piling contractors London” will give you lots of positive results. You should see a list of reputable piling companies in London and their contact information. Some search results will even show you reviews of these companies too. Just use your own best judgment and pick the one that is right for you.

Alternatively, your building contractor may be able to refer you to a piling company or they’ll subcontract to one before they start construction. It all depends on what type of contracting arrangement you have set up for yourself. Professional building contractors will already have established relationships with piling companies in London. That way, you won’t need to find one yourself. But don’t expect this to be the case with all building contractors.