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    About us

    We are in this industry for several years and garnered an excellent reputation being the best construction company. Our company helps in piling works, and supervise all important construction stages during project step-by-step to follow problems with suitable solutions for things like FFL, SSL, etc. Our knowledge helps us to recognize the problems and solve them with efficiency.

    Professionalism, quality of piling contract services, and customer satisfaction. We give equal importance to all existing and new customers.

    Our expert team is trained to install piled raft slabs.  So you can put your faith in our services, because we offer full service starting from a site visit to prepare a sketch, submitting full pilling calculation for new foundations covered by almost 10 years guarantee and insurance.

    What is outstanding about us?

    We believe that every project needs not only professional the but most of all very individual and specified approach. Our project manager works for the piling industry for more than 10 years and with great engagement and flexibility will guide you through all the stages of works. We build the company same way we would build our own house – integrity, honesty, hard work and transparency lay at the very ground beam. We also believe that happiness starts in the well-built house – let us lay the foundation for yours.

    What do we do?

    We treat every customer with individual approach to meet and satisfy their needs with highest quality service. We are willing to take up the most challenging projects.

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    We offer a wide range of piling services including:

    – Rotary Auger Bored Piling
    – Mini Piling/Micro Piling
    – Continous Flight Auger
    – Retaining Wall Piled
    – Basements

    Why choose us?

    If you are looking for honest, on-time contractors with a competitive range of prices do not hesitate to contact KHB Piling and arrange the meeting.

    We are concrete structuring specialists that work for groundworks, paving, formwork, structural operations. You can expect guidance, complex programmes, and cost calculation for groundworks waterproofing, and piling etc.

    At KHB-Piling, we offer complete basement box ready for fit-outs, like removal of surplus, underpinning, and concrete slab. Other than this, our team go for general underpinning, excavation and foundations for both commercial and residential use.  Our team thoroughly analyse, inspect your space, design and implement the best framework and falsework systems for every project.

    • Basements Underpinning
    • Commercial Underpinning
    • Domestic Underpinning
    • Beam and Base Underpinning
    • Mass Concrete Underpinning
    • Footings & Foundations
    • Rafts
    • Concrete Slabs
    • Anchor Blocks
    • Trench Sheeting

    Our specialized team knows its job and adhere to industry standards. We have been doing underpinning project like basement underpinning for a couple of years.

    Various types of underpinning involve digging deep holes underneath building within a small space. Cracks on building walls caused by sagging can lead to horizontal stretching or maybe squeezing of ground which causes vertical movement.

    However, when building movement occurs, the best solution is underpinning. It works on digging underneath shallow footings, and pour concrete to reach the foundation deep down to make the structure stable.

    Movement After Construction

    We understand a lot of things can disturb during deep ground excavating and structuring for a new settlement, and that’s why we offer mitigation by installing temporary measures, like window openings and bracing door.

    Traditional Underpinning

    Traditional underpinning is the optimum method for all types of buildings, and one of the preferred ways, because of its simplicity. A support structure creates underneath the foundation to support the stability of the structure. This method involves the removal of earth, and replace it poured concreted that is carried out 1-metre sections, referred to underpins.

    Base & Beam

    This based & beam method helps eliminate the need for excavations. During this process, less mass concrete is poured, and after fewer blocks installation, the beam is installed above those block to create strong support. This is the most cost-effective method for buildings.

    Anchor Blocks

    Anchor blocks are installed 3 to 4 metres away from the cracked wall, with the help of excavation. These anchor blocks are used to fasten the objects after that ranking shores are fixed to support the particular cracked wall.


    A raft is a layer of reinforced concrete, forming the building’s foundation. This layer is used where the ground is made or where the ground is not insufficient for traditional foundations. Piles are used to each the made ground to the original solid earth. Then a raft slab is installed through the whole floor area of a building, and under all low bearing walls, which helps in supporting the overall building structure.

    Trench Sheeting

    Trench sheets are used to support the ground at the trenches’ sides and excavations. These come in varying lengths of 1-5 or maybe 6 meters (if available). Trench sheets can be fixed with timber or steel props to keep earth banks separate. Light piling’s strength and flexibility is what makes it optimum for all temporary or permanent works.

    Luckily, we offer a wide range of trench sheets with light piling and accessories help deliver projects more quickly, safely and efficiently.

    So if you are looking for premium underpinning services, then get in touch with us. Give us a call now and get a free quote.

    Highly Experienced Piling Experts

    We have been in this business of stabilizing properties for the past 23 years. We have with us a team of professional workers in piled underpinning and traditional underpinning for new and existing foundations, and contiguous professional piling for the new basements.

    No two of the construction situations could be same; we understand it and always offer genuine advice that is suitable for a particular contract based on the condition. Our consulting team never feel hesitant about giving viable alternative methods to maximize your benefits. Our pilling division is controlled by a civil engineer who is trained enough to consult piled underpinning with years of experience. He will provide a tailored design for a pile and beam or even piled raft solution, which afterwards can produce on-site with less disturbance. Get peace of mind because all our pilling rigs are perfect for working inside domestic properties, even in headrooms as low as 2.30m, and can also get fit through the front door.

    Piling is the optimum solution for the existing properties where conventional underpinning is not cost-effective or practical. These piles are used with cantilever RC needle beams or raft slabs.

    What Can We Do For You?

    We offer a wide range of auger bored piles, size from 100mm up to 350mm DIA, depends on the structure loadings using the open bored, using temporary cased or hollow stem auger (CFA) smart techniques. Other than this, we offer steel cased driven piles of size 150mm to 222mm diameters to complete the maximum pile range.

    The best thing about our services is the experienced and professional managers lead all our projects, and one of our supervisors will stay on-site for the whole project duration. Our staff is trained and knows very well how to perform well to deliver the best results. Every team member knows his duty and aware of every aspect of the construction process, so you don’t need to worry about the processing and progression of your project. Everything is monitored through strict programmes to enables the inspections are carried out effectively under supervisory and local authority inspectors without any delay.

    Expert Installation of Ground Beams

    A trench is dug with a digger deep down in specific depth and width. However, if the engineer requests an anti-heave, then we work accordingly. Once we are done with digging, then RC ground cages are carefully constructed and installed to the engineer’s design. One of the building control inspectors check it and confirm it. Once the warrant inspector passes it, then concrete is filled to the certain level.

    Delivering The Project Within Budget And On Time

    We know the importance of money and time. That’s why we work in coordination with our clients to help to achieve unique objectives, while still being respectful of their space and promise to deliver the project on time and within the estimated budget.

    If you have further enquired, then get in touch with us.

    Our workers also lay RC slab foundations

    Get Complete Professional Service from Start to Finish

    From piling to RC works (ground beam or raft), fortunately, we can manage everything and ensure our clients 100% work satisfaction from start to finish. With more than 23 years of experience in this field, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support with excellent service. Take a look at our unique portfolio!