Basement construction is a unique type of construction. The basement is really the first area of a building that gets constructed because it is all the way on the bottom. In most cases, the basement will be positioned in the ground, underneath the upper surface of the property. Residential basements are not often as deep as commercial basements, but the idea is still the same.

Basements are most important because they offer stabilization for the rest of the structure on top of them. Any reputable London basement company will be experts in basement construction and basement piles. It is helpful to use basement piles in your basement construction efforts, especially if you’re constructing a larger or taller building on top.

Basement piles offer virtually all of the support for the structure above them. If the piles are not good quality or installed properly, then it could cause problems for the building in the near future. Some of those problems could include building destabilization, human injuries, building damage, or the total collapse of the building. The latter would be the worst-case scenario, but it just goes to show you how important basement piles truly are for a building.

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