Whenever you’re planning to construct a massive structure or building, you need to have the proper piling installed in the soil. Piling is basically a series of heavy posts or stakes which are designed to support the weight and height of a particular structure.

Some people refer to piling as “deep foundation,” which is a term that describes when the weight of an entire building is transferred to an area below the surface of the ground. After all, when you see a tall skyscraper erected from the ground, the weight of that structure is not actually resting on the same surface that you’re standing on. There are posts installed deep into the ground which allow all that weight to be supported.

From a legal and professional standpoint, you should never attempt to do piling installations yourself. Highly trained and licensed piling contractors must be the ones to perform the installation. Otherwise, you could be risking people’s lives if you were to construct an entire building with inadequate piling installed. The building could very well collapse if you do this. That is why the law requires a licensed professional to perform the installation.

There are several piling contractors in London to choose from. If they have a good reputation and can do the job well, that is all that matters. Before you go to hire any piling contractor, make sure you find out what the piling costs are going to be for your construction project. You certainly don’t want to get surprised later with extra costs that you weren’t ready for.

Whether you need house extension mini piles or basement piles, a good piling contractor should be equipped to handle the job. A lot of planning goes into piling jobs so that all parties are clear on what is going to happen before it does.

Let’s go over the top 5 advantages of hiring professional piling contractors in London.

1) Customization is Performed

The posts and stakes of a deep foundation are not manufactured in bulk quantity on an assembly line. Since the specifications of each construction project are different, they require the piles to be pre-made according to the necessary size, length, and shape needed. Properly sized piles will make the installation easier, and it will protect the integrity of the structure after it is constructed on the piles.

2) Preserves the Strength of the Structure

As previously stated, the strength of the structure depends on good quality piles. If you have no piles or poor-quality piles, the entire structure of your building will be compromised. This will be putting hundreds or even thousands of people’s lives at risk. Even if the structure itself doesn’t collapse, it could still cause injury if the foundation is unstable. Professional piling contractors are the only way to ensure that this does not happen with your building.

3) Quality Materials are Used

The three most common types of materials used for piles include timber, metal, or concrete. You can’t just choose any type of material because the weight and size of your building must be factored into the equation. Obviously, you don’t want to use piles made of timber if you’re building a skyscraper on top of it. You’ll most likely need metal piles in this case because they’re stronger and have a better chance of supporting the massive weight of the building.

Fortunately, the piling contractor will know which choice to make on your behalf. You don’t need to be an expert in this.

4) Satisfy the Legal Requirements

When you hire professional piling contractors, you’re protecting yourself and your business from legal liability in case something goes wrong with the structure. Piling contractors are licensed and insured to perform these kinds of jobs, so a guarantee is attached to all installations they perform. This protects you as the investor or company owner.

5) Mini Piling Option Available

Not every structure requires standard size piles. If you have a smaller structure to build, such as a bridge or house, then mini piles are perfectly acceptable. They can reduce your piling costs, and they’re faster and easier to install. House extension mini piles are also great to use for home renovations too. Most piling contractors in London are just as knowledgeable at installing mini piles as they are at installing regular piles.